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Having a reliable, fast connection is essential to operate your business smoothly. At Freecomm we have business broadband packages to suit both large and small businesses.

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Which Business Broadband is right for you ?

Freecomm will work alongside you to learn how your business operates, and the connectivity required to meet your needs moving forward. Freecomm will then put together a tailor-made SoGEA business broadband package to best suit your budget and requirements. All our SoGEA packages are scalable as your business grows and installed with full security.

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SoGEA Broadband Packages

SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access)


Traditionally your business would have to have a phone line and ADSL Broadband or Fibre Broadband installed separately. SoGEA combines traditional phone lines and fiber broadband in an all-in-one service.


Advantages of SoGEA


  • Cheaper overall costs – Seperate phone line and Broadband is more expensive than a combined service
  • Quicker fixing times – Faults are easier to resolve than having seperate phone and broadband lines
  • More flexibility – Working from home and remotely is made easier with a SoGEA broadband package


By 2025 all businesses will be required to switch to an SoGEA broadband service package

Is your Business Broadband slow or unreliable?

Freecom can conduct a network test prior to the installation to ensure you achieve the highest speeds possible.


You can carry out a network test on your current lines and connections by using our Network Assessment Tool.

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FAQ about SoGEA Broadband Packages

Why should I choose SoGEA Broadband?

By 2025 SoGEA broadband will be introduced as standard, all businesses will need to switch to this service. It is cheaper, faster and more reliable that traditional separate phone and broadband services

Is SoGEA or SoGFast different in performance than FTTC & GFast?

SoGEA broadband provides exactly the same or better performance as your current separate services with added realiablilty

What Speeds are available with SoGEA Fibre Broadband?

SoGEA broadband speeds are available at:

  • SoGEA 40mb / 10mb
  • SoGEA 55mb / 10mb
  • SoGEA 80mb / 20mb
  • SoGFast 160mb / 30mb
  • SoGFAST 330mb / 50mb


Where is SoGEA & SoGFast Available?

SoGEA is now available to over more than 28 million premises across the UK. We can check the availability to your area on enquiry. SoGEA will be required by all businesses by 2025. Call us to check your availability 0191 5000600

Freecomm can provide free a demo of our Business Phone Systems and Software

Call us today to find out more information on 0191 5000600

Need Advice or Information ?

We are happy to help with any questions you may have on our systems


All business broadband needs are different, we will work with you to tailor your package to integrate into your business to get the maximum benefits. Please send us your enquiry and we will contact you to discuss how we can help. You can also call us directly.

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